Thematic bibliography

Some personal suggestions that may help you get started on computational linguistics.

Posted by Mario Casado on 2020-10-09
Bibliografías, Computational linguistics

General knowledge

Moreno Sandoval, A. (2010). Lingüística computacional. Madrid: Síntesis.

General knowledge on computational linguistics and its historical and methodological evolution. Link

Natural language processing

Bird, S. (2016). Natural language processing with python. O’Reilly Media.

A very good reference to get started in the main tasks of NLP from simple data processing to complex language operations. Link

Vasiliev, Y. (2020). Natural Language Processing with Python and spaCy: A Practical Introduction. No starch press.

An advanced NLP library for Python. Includes neural networks and other techniques that make processing much more efficient. Link


Severance, C. R. (2016). Python for everybody: Exploring data using Python 3. Ann Arbor, MI: Charles Severance.

A great start to Python basics for newbies to programming. Link

Nair, V. G. (2014). Getting Started with Beautiful Soup. Birmingham, England: Packt Publishing.

An introduction to web scraping with Python. It uses the two most popular Python libraries for the purpose. Link

Phillips, D. (2010). Python 3 Object Oriented Programming. Packt Publishing.

Advanced programming with Python. Object oriented programming is an advanced style that allows a more efficient way of scripting applications. Link


Ullman, J. D. (1989). Principles of database and knowledge-base systems. Rockville, Md: Computer Science Press.

All you need to know about classical database models. It’s a traditional approach. Link

Vaish, G. (2013). Getting Started with NoSQL: Your guide to the world and technology of NoSQL. Birmingham: Packt Publishing.

A comparative introduction of non-relational database systems. They are currently taking over more and more. Link


Chacon, S. & Straub, B. (2020). Progit. Everything you need to know about Git. Apress.

Git is a control version system. It is an indispensable resource for keeping track of apps code. Link

Shotts, W. E. (2019). The Linux command line: A complete introduction.

A complete reference for Linux bash terminal. All the programs are described in-depth and with examples. Link